Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dawn Of A New Day

While looking through my pictures trying to decide the topic for my second post, it struck me that the subject of trees was more perfectly fitting than I had imagined.  This blog has so many possibilities and like a tree, can branch out as far and wide as I dare to go.  It's really just a matter of choosing the direction to go next, but as easy as that sounds, that's the very thing that stumped me; until I came upon this picture.

Does it speak to you?  If so, what does it say?  How does it make you feel?
 I'm not a morning person by any stretch of the word but there's something special about the quiet stillness of dawn; something I witness far too little of. This particular morning though, it was late September and we were driving through Alabama for the first time, which is the only reason I was even awake.  Let me tell ya, it was worth it.  Every time I see this picture I go back to that day and it reminds me there's so much more going on then what we at first observe.  The dawn is full of life, there's a peaceful excitement in the air, transition as the sun warms up the day and creates this beautiful mist I call the in-between.  It reminds me to just breathe and appreciate each moment or thought for what it is.  I won't always be were I want to be but I can choose to enjoy getting there.    

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  1. This picture reminds me of just as morning vanquishes the night in a puff of mist, we can start each day fresh, knowing the disturbances of the day before have vanished in a puff to make room for the new day.