Friday, January 28, 2011

Wonder of a Tree

At first glance you may think, "so what, it's just a tree", but what I see is a world of possibilities.  How many squirrels or birds have made their home there?  How many tree houses or forts have been  built by adventurous little ones or their parents?  Has that tree ever provided a place of shaded rest to the weary or peaceful solitude to the reader?  How many swings have swung from that tree?  How many climbers have made it to the top to see the glorious expanse from on high?  So you see, a tree is never "just a tree."


  1. What a treat to see a simple, yet magnificent tree through the eyes of one so sensitive and filled with joyous wonder. I shall truly see every tree differently in the future. Thank you, Joy!

  2. Beautiful post... words & pictures. Now you have me wondering about the history and/or future of a tree! By the way, how tall can a tree grow?

  3. Thank You! A tree can grow as tall as it wants to. :)

  4. this is true . a tree can sometimes be taken for granted or over looked for its real purpose or beauty .it serves multiple things and you have captured one of the best .keep it up

  5. I touch every tree I can, I give them thanks and feel their life energy.... and you ARE a photographer! Beautiful Pictures and I love it that you give them life with your words... All is alive in this vast circle of life. Have a great picture day!